Introducing echoes

Hello and welcome to the frontier, to view our journey here at the backlands. We are a man, a peasant man, and a dog, good dog, in a ranch, at the backlands, bordering frontier. We are not alone here, there is family, neighbors, friends, visitors, and of course the wild frontier, and all.

Purpose of this blog here, is to make possible, everyone interested to follow some country life, to see and hear about what’s going on here. To see, hear and comment on whatever projects is taking place. To help us here, not to alienate ourselves from civilization, by keeping touch to the outside world. Here we can all learn about stuff. Interesting stuff we hope. Plans are to make posts about basic living at a backlands ranch, daily work related to life in prevailing circumstances, and then what everyone is interested to hear about, can do. So, let us know what kind of crap you wish to see. Any suggestions for improvement are gladly listened, just shout some noise in the comments. Hope google translate works, so our non-english speaking friends will also be able to follow. Happy to have you here.

Anyway, coming up; a firewood project, which is ongoing at the moment. At somepoint, a teepee will be done, hopefully before the snow comes. And then, maybe few drums will be made, one is been under making for 4 years, and a couple of wood materials have been drying for 3 years now. And lastly there will be some cooking recipies, and pro tips for anything that come up. So hope you are with us, a friend of the frontiers and wildlife, or just a regular friend. And weird friends too please, but not too weird, joku roti. All friends welcome.

There will be all kinds of interesting stuff going on here and there in the future, so things will shape up, as we go further.

So we are glad to have you here, and thank you for reading. Have a good one.


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