Old roadside maple

Last days at the frontier have been rainy, with some mildly strong winds from northwest. All forests is being blessed with rains bringing new growth, and the streams can flow to carry their message troughout their path. Not a ideal day to start sawing wood, or is it just imagination? Anyway should get oneself involved with water today since it seems to be the element of the day. Perhaps there will be swimming then.

Magnificent maple tree, 15 meters or more, or >50 feet, depending on how one prefer. This is what’s left after 2/3 of the tree cutted, two branches.

Luckily there is some pictures from last week, when some making of firewood occurred. There is this old maple on the roadside, which was damaged in heavy winds last spring. It had cracked, making it a danger, if it would break and fall. It is relatively close to a building, so could not risk it. An option is to try to tie, and fasten the breaked part of the tree together, or to just saw the cracked, dangered to fall, part of tree off. And in this case, it was decided in the counsil of the wisemen of the tribe, that it is to be taken down. We had help from an expert lumberman, who had the skill to take down the branch, safely. He did good job,and everything went well, since we managed to spare ourselves from any accidents.

A closer look.

After cutting, we dragged those heavy branches down the yard behind the sauna, where to cut the wood in smaller pieces. There was some room behind the sauna, sadly for this beautiful tree. We used the old McCormick tractor, to move the heavy trunks.

Now, as we cutted the removed branches to smaller, we did not want all of the tree to end up burned as firewood, then we leave some bigger trunks to dry up in bigger pieces, so there is some room for creative use, to make something useful out of it.

So the big trunks can dry up like they are, there is some old poles to keep them hovering over the ground. Need to fix some roof over too. Can’t be sure how old of a tree, it is already hollow inside. Would be interesting to know.

All the smaller branches, have been maked for firewood, and we will see what will be made of from the big logs later. Smallest sticks can be piled together to be houses for little insects, or to be material for a nice bonfire.

A shelter have been put up. Already one time strong winds took it down. Now it is reinforced with supports. Notice some good drum material lurking at the bottom, a piece with a ready hole in the middle.

A project halfway done, still few big branches to go. Shelters for logs to put up, so they can dry up, and maybe next year there is some dry maple ready at some point. And with the logs, there is time to vision some use for them. So the pro-tip from between the lines would be, not to chop all the wood small immediately. From bigger logs can be built something, and it is not possible to make small sticks to big logs, but its possible to make big logs to small sticks. So if decided not to build from the logs, one can still make firewood. But if later theres a vision for building something, and everythin is firewood, then there is opportunities lost. Huh? So there is the idea to leave some room for creativity.

Finally firewood and forestry stuff continues, as theres always need for some warmth of a flame, and woodstuff build from wood! Theres plenty of trees in the forests, and we will plant more. Storms had taken down many trees, and from latest log harvestings, not all wood had been picked up, so there will be wood to collect, and more timberwork to come. Also, recent patrols revealed some usable wood material for teepee poles, and those are to be gathered in to good use.

So for this very rainy day, we will end this post about firewood project for now, and continue by cooking some food next. Until next time. With love, farewell.

Ps. There will be a site for backlands-recipies, where you can find some simple recipies with pictures. Later! Take good care!


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