Outside of normal backlands life, there is side-activities.

Without side-activities, there is no side-activities, and with side-activities, view is broaden. At this page, you can see side-activities going on.

Our small trip to a pond, with Noah, the Ultimate conquerer!

Here we are, at the nearby pond. This big Puppo likes water, and swimming in water. He not interested in those quakkers there, just water. I asked him to fetch a pearl, so he dived a clam. Did not check if theres a pearl inside, just put it back there. He likes things thrown in to water, to bring them back.

Here is another one. Ducks are mobbing and laying a siege around our pal.

In the end, ducks did not harm us in anyway, neither did the duck mob suffer any casualties, all peace up at the pond. We had a nice walk, and we got back home safely. =)

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