Countryside life with A2

Living the peasant life at the frontier

”At the frontier, it is silent and fresh.”

-Unknown roamer of the backlands

Photo by Navi Photography on Unsplash

You can follow whats going down back in the frontier, by looking out the blog.

Updates on projects happening at the backlands. From wrestling with wolves and bears, to interesting recipies, just basic life with an interest to anything worthwhile and inspirational shit. Come checkout and chat about shit, whatever makes you tick.

We have animalwatch, birdwatch, trees, plants, ocean, archipelago, all kinds of nature stuff.

Lots of interesting projects will come up as we go further. Bonus stuff popping up, and protips about stuff.

Topics are variable, and will change according to the law of what on earth is happening at the moment. Mostly what is happening at the backlands, and little bit something from there and somewhere.

Also weird shit. definitely some weird shit too.

I will post about stuff, then anybody can say what they think,and we’ll see what kind of shitstorm we escalate to. It dont necessary have to be a shitstorm, something beautiful and fantastic is also fine. Now please enjoy what ever you do, and leave us a comment, are a lawsuit about anything.

If you can’t find any of this worth your while, you can fuck off here please. Thanks! Bless you.

Even a child knows how valuable the forest is. The fresh, breathtaking smell of trees. Echoing birds flying above that dense magnitude. A stable climate, a sustainable diverse life and a source of culture. Yet, forests and other ecosystems hang in the balance, threatened to become croplands, pasture, and plantations. -text by

Receive the echoes of the wilderness

Hear about interesting shit going down at the frontier

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