Backlands recipes

Have a look at some crazy foods here!

Here we will add some recipes of what nature has to offer, and more.

Forest mushroom pasta

A nice and lush mushroom spot, was nesting in frontier.

Craterallus cornucopioides, or Black trumpet. Or, Horn of plenty.

Also known as, Trumpet of the dead, and black chanterelle.

We have a picture of a kettle, where we are about to cook the mushrooms. Mushrooms were dried, in room temperature and stored. To use dried mushrooms, we soaked them in a glass of water, as you see, water had some colouring from the black mushrooms. A some essence of mushroom there, and we used the water, to add a bit water with heating the mushrooms, to get more time to heat mushrooms without them getting burned.

In this picture, there is the mushrooms getting heated, to cook them. No spices, or oils there , before getting some moisture steamed out. Added the essence of mushroom water there, little by little, but not exceeding the amount shown in the picture.

A set of spices used; from the left to right, and front center, there is sage, cayenne, whitepepper, and some homegrown estragon (Artemisia dracunculus var. cultivar). It is not necessary to use spices at all, but it is a choice to make to spice it or not. The mushroom itself got good flavor, or could be used as spice itself. We are not professionals though. Ps. There was fresh garlic too.

And here the mushrooms are getting cream on ’em. Before that, butter was introduced, and its optional i guess, butter is nice though.

Next up was spice action. I quickly choosed to wrinkle cinnamon in. Our protip for the time, is to use cinnamon stick as a spoon, in the cinnamon bag, its awesome. Note, that its quite heavy with fats, so make sure to burn them by moving your fat ass around.

Now, as spices are in, it looked like this. Meanwhile, in the background pasta penne was boiled regular style, with only water. This is gonna be creamy and mushroomish.

Here a regular pasta penne. Gonna choose mixing them together. Cheese, a Parmiggiano regiano cheese, was grinded, to serve on top.

It looks more or less like this. You could do better!

And the shroomy pasta is done, quick and easy, delicious too. Love it. Now, of to forest to get those mushrooms, but beware of swamps, and swamp monsters ! Until next time! ❤


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